sole and i

pidder padder, her feet treaded along the path.
her hands grasped an umbrella, but she was still in the rain.
she heard the rain. she felt the rain soak through her clothes,
her soles, her soul
ever so slowly

but she would not surrender
she did not want to be consumed
by the rain, by wetness
in totality

the winds beckoned for her to stop
to stop relying on her own ‘strength’
the storms tore her beliefs
belief that she would find safety
beneath that umbrella

wear and tear
the umbrella was full of holes
she could feel the rain more and more
the water was seeping to her sole
when at last, a great and mighty storm
the storm came with fire
with light and with power
she had no strength
and the broken umbrella flew away

to her feet she fell
in agony in fear
she raised her arms above her
she did not want the rain
seeping all throughout her

but Someone called her name
He helped her to her feet
And she turned her head away
“Never… I mean I can’t
I… I don’t know how
I don’t know what that means
what it entails of”
“I will show You”

And He danced in the rain
A bright smile
A warming charm
She laughed as she saw His joy
And the water was seeping to her sole
She had no more ‘strength’ to resist in mourning
in hiding
And so He took her hand and they danced
What a dancing fool I am she thought
She raised her arms to touch the Heavens
The rain splashed upon her hands
It ran through her, all down to her sole

splish splash, she jumped along the path
she skipped with her Saviour
she heard the rain she felt the rain
her soles were seeped in full
& she loved the rain


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