those days

some days

she squats by the lake
the bare tides tickle her toes
and her fingers skim the waters

she holds her toy boat
and places it on the edge of
the lake there are great boats

one day, i’ll be out there
and she watches her toy boat sway
while the great boats float away

she had no one to play with on
those days it was so beautiful
though she wanted to frown
and perhaps she did pout
once or twice
she had nothing to cry about

so she pushed her toy boat
around the shallow edges of
the lake with great boats

soon she would splash through the lake
and sprinkle water all about
her hands raised through the waters
and she ran like a bird
her hand held onto the toy boat
and lifted high to the sun

there’s nothing better
than to enjoy this time
and the little girl
ran all around the lake
jumping and running
soaring in her heart, soul, and mind

and finally
she found someone lovely
to share those days with
together they would stand on
the edges of the lake
then running together
they would play in the waters
and the sun light would
warm their happy skin

it is quite nice being here
i have friends to share with
and friends to love me
and friends to love

watch her face,
and you’ll see a bright smile
the corners of her lips
pinched with understanding
and her eyes sparkling
with hope and joy!

of course there is a reason 


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