Levi and I

How much thirst did Levi need? How much sorrow? How much faith? Conviction? The Bible never tells us about that. Levi didn’t maul over: ‘Wait for more desire? Do I hate sin enough? Do I have the right feeling?’— be done looking for signs and feelings. Jesus Christ says come to me, if you labor and are heavy-laden. The Bible doesn’t say how much you have to thirst, how much you have to be burdened- because it doesn’t matter.

The essence of faith: look away from self. Christianity isn’t this- Am I this way? Am I that way? Then your eyes are always on yourself. The right answer is always that that looks upon Christ, to bring glory to Christ. All centered, all focused on Him. Christ doesn’t say trust your faith, trust your emotions. Being saved, has everything to do with Me. He says follow Me. He doesn’t ask about the conditions of your faith.

Does Christ perfectly suit you as a Savior. If He does, be done with all that garbage. Is He not sufficient? The grave couldn’t hold Him because sin was paid. The cost was exhausted, law satisfied. How can we look at that and say ‘that’s just not enough for me. Christ isn’t enough. I need certain desires. I need lowliness’. That’s finding something in yourself.

Levi heard those words “follow Me”– and he wanted that. He rose up, and he followed. When Christ says follow me, He doesn’t mean in a year. Levi IMMEDIATELY, turned his back against the world and followed Christ.

You cannot sit and wait for something. You can’t wait until you’re elect, have adequate faith— that’s the heart of foolishness.

When He says come do you think He’s saying you can’t come?
Just come! Those who live follow.

– Tim Conway, paraphrase


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