My friend shared with me that when she was born she was supposed to die, but she didn’t. She was a miracle. And I remember she said to me, “Because I lived, I know I have a purpose.”

As we grow up our perspectives change, and we gain some sort of wisdom. As a child all you think about is me me me. You only live in your own world. Gradually, you learn that there are other people living in the world, said with a grain of humour. I mean, who knew? And then you realize you live in quite a big UNIVERSE. And in a world of (a little less than) seven billion people, the odds seem against you. What is the purpose of one person? What is the importance of one person?

However, my friend’s story resonates with me today. She was supposed to die, but she lived and lives with purpose. Like so, I was supposed to die. I was supposed to die because of the sins of man, my sins. But now I live because of Christ, and deep down I know have a purpose. I live with a purpose.

grant me greater faith


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