“We all get overwhelmed at times. Life is big, stuff happens, our hearts get too full. To build muscle, you need to lift weights. When lifting weights your muscles get little tears. They fuse back together and heal stronger than they were before. Our heart is the same. We need to live lives that feel, that have experiences, to know pure joy and deep heartache. Maturity comes in facing the entirety of life, not in hiding away your heart so it never feels. Our hearts need to stretch, to lift weight… You are stronger than you know. The goal is to look to Jesus in all things. When life gets too full, bring it to the God whose capacity to carry our lives has no limit. Live in the height of his strength, wisdom and ways… Not in the shallows of humanity or hidden away. When your heart gets overwhelmed bring it to Jesus who is strong, good, full of hope, whose ways are higher than ours, whose wisdom is not of this world… the only one who has the capacity to lift us from the miry clay and set out feet on solid rock no matter what it is we have done or are facing.”


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