Gaze Upon Beauty

When’s the last time I was overwhelmed by the beauty of something?

Today, as I walking on campus I thought to myself, I haven’t sought out or noticed anything truly, deeply beautiful– that kind of beauty that draws you, inspires you, and overwhelms you. That kind of beauty that makes your soul sigh with relief and lets you forget about yourself for a moment. That kind of beauty that needs no debate on whether it is magnificent or not, because its radiance will just hit you immediately.

I noticed that I don’t ever really look for beauty. If I do, it is rarely the beauty of someone’s inside. The last time I thought someone’s soul was majestically beautiful is when I thought about Mother Teresa.

Things are so fleeting. I recognize a beautiful guy or girl, and it’s fleeting. I see beautiful pictures on tumblr, but it’s literally fleeting. I scroll through my newsfeed so quickly that the pictures only last a few seconds.

My soul is hungry for a kind of beauty that is time-stopping and attention-seeking– not attention seeking because it wants viewers, but attention seeking because it demands and is worthy of all of your attention. I want to be overwhelmed by something beautiful. I want to get lost in a kind of beauty.

When I first began writing this post, I was going to end with wanting to seek beauty. I want to seek beauty in art, poetry, literature, people’s souls, compassion, and nature. But the more I think about it, it really is God, isn’t it. The only One who can satisfy these longings, even a longing for something overwhelmingly beautiful.


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