Mark Driscoll on NYT

Reading the comments on NYT articles on Mark Driscoll is really disheartening.

I wrote a comment on one of the articles, and I received 0 recommendations (aka likes). LOLLL. I guess if I hated on him, Christians, or the church, I would’ve gotten more likes.

“It absolutely breaks my heart to feel all the negativity around this man and this situation. The finger pointing and told you so’s will help no one.

Mark Driscoll is a man. Yes, he had great responsibilities, and he didn’t fulfill them perfectly. I am not dismissing the unfortunate effects that he has had on those around him, such as the severed relationships and misuse of money. However, he is a man, and thus, is imperfect.

It would be best to treat him as another human being, rather than alienate, chastise, and despise him. Sin has effects, and if you’re in the public eye, the effects will be big. He may be suspended from serving the church and have to deal with all the accusations (which may be harsh and most definitely life changing).

My take is that we should remember to support him while he takes responsibility of his actions and lifestyle. Pastors are in an important position of leading the church, so it is without a doubt that the Enemy/satan will try to break down that leader.

We so easily love legends, celebrities namely, who pass away. We easily forget their wrongdoings and remember their beauty. Michael Jackson, John Lennon, etc. Men who faced controversies about their lifestyles, actions, etc.. But today we respect and appreciate them. It would be opportune to appreciate Mark Driscoll and show him grace, just like we have to other human beings.”

I always thought it was weird how we idolize dead celebrities who did some pretty bad things in their lives..


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