Oh, dreary eyes
Have lost their luster
Weary, tired
The world lays heavy on her lids

Sojourner traveling alone
Dreaming of a warmth
She had once thought she felt
Was it a dream? Or was it reality?

She swore she felt it once
She swore

And yet the world whispered
Lie after lie
“There is no warmth for you”

If there is no warmth,
Then the cold was her friend
The lack of a hand to hold her hand
The lack of a shoulder to rest her weary head on

All she wanted was the warmth of a heart
To lay her head in the beating bosom of another
Warmth on warmth
To remind her she was not alone

Oh, dear
The weariness of traveling in the cold

All I ever wanted was to be in the warmth
All I want is to be embraced by You
To feel Your warmth
To hear Your beating heart

Oh, Father
Help me lay down
The familiarity of traveling alone
The “comfort” of my independence
The “power” of my control

Father, beckon me to Your strong arms
Though Mighty as the fiercest storms
Sing to me sweetly
And woo me to Your heart

All I want is to rest in Your arms
To be held to Your heart
To be carried in Your bosom

“he will carry them in his bosom” Isaiah 40:11


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