It’s Okay to Be Bored

“I’m Bored” in the Curator Magazine

I think it’s okay to be bored, but I don’t like it. It’s uncomfortable.

Throughout the day I catch myself gravitating towards my phone and computer, because I am bored. But the boredom is never solved by social media. As a result, I am stuck in limbo.

Sometimes,  I am left in wonder and awe thinking about people who lived before smartphones existed. Wow, people slept when the sun went down? People did not have alarms? What did people do with their free time?

I wish I could escape technology, but I know this is a blessing and a curse I need to learn to overcome. It sounds so silly to say it, but I consider this a worthy battle.

The things on my phone will not last. I don’t even remember the facebook posts I saw earlier today. But what will I remember? A conversation with a friend face to face? The beautiful sunset? Time with the Lord? Yes, these are the things I want to invest my time and life in. The first move in the battle? To fight through the boredom.

“Interestingly, the more I fight my way through the boredom of art, and sleep, the more energy and creativity and interest I have in the rest of my life. Somehow, the boredom of art makes life less boring.”


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