From Polio to Pilot

“Mother Teresa to me is a guardian angel that I desperately needed at one point in time,” Lewis says. Their relationship was “fueled by her love of God and her [commitment to the] dignity of the human race: everybody — the poor, the hungry, the throwaway of the society, the crippled.” He pauses: “And I fitted all of those.”

Guatam Lewis was an orphaned boy brought into the Home for Children in Kolkata. Yes, Mother’s Teresa’s orphanage. He was crippled by polio but would receive medical care, surgery, and psychiatric counseling under the care of Mother Teresa’s organization. One day when he was flying a kite from the rooftop, they exchanged this conversation:

“You are the pilot of the sky,” [Mother Teresa] declares, sounding almost skeptical. “You don’t believe me,” Lewis says.
“I believe you!” she exclaims.

Now, Guatam really is a pilot and not only that, but he has has a heart to help others who have been crippled like him. He founded Freedom in Air, where he trains people with disabilities to fly!

I love Mother Teresa, and there’s much controversy and hate going on about her… It’s sad that people can so easily hate someone… When clearly she has changed lives. Even if it’s just this one story here, she helped turn someone’s life around 180 degrees. I think even changing one person’s life is so worthy and significant. Mother Teresa was called to love this boy, and she was faithful to that call.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

Mother Teresa


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