What I’ve Been Learning These Days

Steps to Dealing with My Emotions (in prayer)

  1. Be real and share: Tell God exactly everything I feel. No sugar-coating it. Express my desires, express my emotions.
  2. Sort through the thoughts and feelings: Realize that some of my emotions come from a good place and some of them bad. Note the roots of these emotions and thoughts. Do they come from a natural, human condition/inclination? Did God design me to desire, want, or feel certain things? And am I placing these very human and real desires in the wrong places? Separate the good roots from the ill expression.
  3. Confess: Repent of sins and confess for my need for God to work in me. Cry out to God for help and His Holy Spirit, as I cannot change on my own.
  4. Turn to God and give thanks: Proclaim that Jesus is Lord of my life, and that He is faithful to me. Although my emotions make me feel unfaithful to Him (as they sometimes contradict obedience to Him) and unstable, proclaim that Jesus is faithful and constant. Proclaim the power of Christ! And give thanks to God for being our constant counselor, friend, and Savior.
  5. Invite friends into this process if you want…

Many times I don’t like how my emotions can consume me, and I don’t want to face that storm of a beast. (Haha, see my strong dislike for emotions? “Beast?” Really?). Recently, God has been coaching me through it, and I’ve been able to take little baby steps towards facing my emotions/aka my self and bringing my emotions to God.

Emotions aren’t bad. In fact emotions give us the opportunity to grow deeper in intimacy with God in examination, prayer, confession, and thanksgiving.


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