Church Counseling the Sexually Abused

Today, Dr. Diane Langberg posted an article about 5 mistakes the church and Pastors need to avoid making when counseling someone who has been sexually abused. I consider my discovery of Dr. Langberg as God’s good providence and planning. I was simply perusing Christian counseling centers around the area, and she popped up. She’s a Professor at BTS and has traveled the world (and continues to do so) to train workers. She’s a clinical psychologist who specializes in trauma. I love the work she’s doing and hope to keep up with her her work. (She even gave me a copy of one of her books! hehe)

Finally, one of the other vital functions of the church, and one that I think we’ve forgotten, is the art of lamenting. People who have suffered severe trauma, such as sexual abuse, need to lament. Often, I will send them to the Psalms or to the Prophets, but I help them find words from Scripture to express their pain, their fear, their doubts, and sometimes even their anger at God. We see often in Scripture where the psalmist or the prophets call out to God, “Where are you?” or “Why don’t you hear me?”

As the church, we need to come alongside those victims and help them find those words. But we also need to be saying those words with them. We need to lament with them, to weep with those who weep.


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