Lovers and Forgivers in the Face of Death

“In the end, we’ve been promised that love wins. But do we really believe this? Because it’s easy to get sucked into the hate, fear and sinful battle tactics of a fallen world.

It’s also vitally important to recognize that our war isn’t just carnal, but rather spiritual, and in spiritual warfare, love is the ultimate weapon against Satan.

So when I hate, I’m losing the spiritual war and allowing sin to triumph over holiness. God forgive me. God forgive us.

Fortunately, Scripture shows us that we can trust in the revolutionary tactics of loving our enemies, and we can put our hope in the fact that a person like Saul was transformed into a person like Paul. Love transforms not just our enemies, but it transforms us—making us more Christ-like.

May God help us to forgive and love generously–even in the face of death.”

Stephen Mattson


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