Tonight, I am reminded of a story of a missionary who climbed a tree in the night to escape people who were trying to kill him. They were the people he was trying to minister to. He so sweetly said that he had never felt closer to God than in that moment of great loneliness and darkness up in that tree.

Lord knows I live for people’s approval. And so far in the year of 2017, he is ripping my reliance on these- anything that is other than Him.

As I am surrounded by the dark night and running to safety in that high tree, I am praying to God to help me feel closer to Him just like that missionary.

But sometimes you have no words to say, and thus your prayer is inaudible and unspoken. And I think that is completely okay.

No matter what sorrow fills your marrow,  whatever happens today or tomorrow,

rejoice in the Lord in your silence

trust in Him in His seeming silence

for pain may remain for the night

but joy will come in the morrow.


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