“Alike” Short Film

A cute short film on how our education system does not really promote creativity.

I appreciated a youtuber’s comment: “Too me the lesson is, sometimes it just doesn’t matter if you end up as a complete loser or weirdo in society as long as you do you with a passion that brings color to your life. Not really saying that school is bad for you, but there are different ways to an enjoyable life aside from success and order.”

In a society where the pressure to succeed academically is increasing heavily, I hope we are reminded that there is more to life than our success in school. Most of our education system measures a specific type of intelligence, so if you don’t meet it don’t sweat it. Maybe you’re just a different kind of intelligent. 🙂

If you weren’t your unique self, then we’d lose a unique color in this world. And I’d prefer to live in a colorful world!


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