My Neighbor Totoro


Cheers to the first day of winter with one of my favorite movies from childhood! 🙂
(drawn on an iPad)


King’s Banquet

Love by George Herbert.jpeg

Made this graphic a year ago while reading a poem by George Herbert, called “Love,”  in one of Tim Keller’s books. Tears swelled in my eyes as I registered this glorious, beautiful truth. I was reminded of this today in my Human Personality class with Dr. Ed Welch. He shared how we eat at the King’s banquet. Though eating at His table once would be more than enough, we are invited to this table everyday. Something about this imagery of eating, feasting, being invited, and receiving hospitality is utterly magnificent, personal, and satisfying.

Who would’ve thought that with one imagery, all my doubts, dissatisfaction, wants, and needs could be quenched and stilled.

November 4, 2010 “I want to fly”


Film Exposure Project

{let me see the world
as You see it
let Your cooling breeze
refresh my soul
and let me see the world
with a new spirit}

i want to be free.
and freedom is You

{so let heart take flight
and dwell in Thee
to be embraced in Your love
to fly and be free}

“i am free! i am free!
I soar on wings, and You lift me up”