“Jazz is the Mother of Hip-Hop”

Wow, wish I could take a course on this:

“If you’re a hip-hop producer that wants a lot of melodic stuff happening,” pianist Robert Glasper says, “you’re probably going to go to jazz first.”

Really interesting video and great use of graphics! I thought it would be interesting to include a little history as well. Jazz was born in the African American communities of New Orleans in the 1900’s. Hip-hop was born in streets of the Bronx, New York City in the 1970’s.

I love that jazz is called the mother of hip-hop. Not only is it a poetic statement but also a sentimental one. It speaks to the dynamics of music development and the richness of African American communities. We have to thank the African American communities from days past and present for their creativity, expression, and boldness. (I think some of it also came from a place of oppression and finding outlets of expression). Thank you for making jazz and hip hop! We all know how much hip-hop is really popular these days. It didn’t come out of nowhere… There’s so much history and artistry in these genres. And as we celebrated Mother’s day this past Sunday, Happy Mother’s Day to Jazz. 🙂 Thank you.

John Mayer: Rosie

“Take my heart by the hand”

— John Mayer

John Mayer will forever be the king of lyrics in my life. The personification of “take my heart by the hand” is so simple yet profound. And that’s exactly what Mr. Mayer is so good at. In just a few words, he can convey a whole song, a whole story, a whole emotion.

When I listen to this song, I get butterflies in my stomach, as if I am daydreaming and thinking of a crush. It’s that feeling of lovesickness that is so, so sweet.

John Mayer, you are simply magic.

Tiffany Day’s Cover of Hallelujah

I don’t even like this song… but I LOVE this girl’s cover. Thank goodness I discovered her on Facebook (aka, somehow she ended up on my FB news feed): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqaV516W8MQ

Music is such an integral part of my life… and as a sentimental kind of gal, specific songs, voices, and tones become filled with much meaning and nostalgia. So much that I often think to myself, If this person did not make this song or have the guts to post this song, I would be so sad because I would have never heard it.

So thank you, Tiffany, for posting this song. : ) You are young. I wish you the best of luck in everything and also hope you continue creating music!

Raw Art

I stumbled upon this video again, and it moved me to tears yet again. Shia and Maddie’s commitment to their roles is astounding. The emotions they pour out, raw. I know there was controversy about this video, but Sia meant to convey something deep here, the warring states that live, fight, and reconcile in her mind. Often times, these warring states are as complicated, fluid, and dynamic as a dance.

Though I am not a die hard fan of Sia, I really respect her intentionality in her music. She’s not just making music to get big or producing sounds to appeal to the masses. She makes art that moves people, and I think that’s what real art is anyway.

Everything about this video is raw. It’s grimy. Its metal cage is cold. Their screaming faces are ugly. And the ending? @3:30. Simply beautiful.

Often, when I think about my internal strife, it is abstract and elusive. And if emotions surface, then I tend to downplay them.  What I appreciate about this music video is the concrete imagery of our very real and profound emotions.

We live in a society that is often afraid to face their internal states and strifes, be it loneliness, grief, or anger. We immediately resort to our devices in any moment of silence or inactivity. (In unconscious or subconscious attempts to distract ourselves… from ourselves). Through this artistic video, I am reminded of the gravity of our internal conditions, and I am encouraged to once again give some attention and credibility to my emotions.

Don’t be afraid to face yourself.

DEAN: Half Moon

I don’t listen to Korean music often, but this is the only Korean music I’ve been listening to lately. The genre is called DEAN- yah, dean boy gets his own genre. 🙂 Sigh. His voice makes me feel like what falling in love would feel like.

Thank you for releasing this on my birthday. Happy birthday to me. [03.23]